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    1. Writings
      Here you will be able to view all of Brynt’s Writings in one place and depending on which format you enjoy most you will be
      to choose. For now, there are 4 main options Plain, Social Covers, Video, Audio, later on, there will be a few more options to
      choose from as well so be on the lookout for those.
    2. Social Covers
      You will also be able to learn all about Social Covers along with how they are able to help your Social Media. You can always fill
      out the little form at Wanderingoff Covers and let me know that you are interested in having me create and design some for you.
      You can also have your personal Writings/Poems done by me as well starting at $15.00 a piece. They must be your own personal
    3. Shopping
      Here you will be able to find reviews I do for different products and programs. If you haven’t visited Wanderingoff Store be sure
      and do so. When shopping there you have the option to shop from Amazon & eBay together. So be sure and check it out.
    4. Mini Articles
      From time to time I create mini articles, where you can grab shopping ideas. I try to keep the list at a maximum of five items. Along
      with being from five separate stores/sites so you have a variety to choose from rather than them all being from the same place.
    5. News Letter
      I do happen to do a newsletter so you can be up to date on my latest posts so if you are interested you can sign up here
    6. Thanks
      Thank you for visiting Wanderingoff Writings

About Author
Brynt Mitchell, born in Craig, Colorado currently in Boise, Idaho. Enjoys writing and has decided to share
the Writings with everyone who may be interested in reading them. Personally will admit they are rather on
the depressing side of things. It didn’t really occur to me how therapeutic Writing could be. Although, now
I am grateful that I did actually write these. I started Writing in the eighth grade and pretty much all the way
through High School. In all honesty, I would have never even thought that I would decide to share them.
To me, they were just Writings that would eventually get thrown away.
However, that isn’t the case they stayed with me all these years and now it is time to share them and write
even more so I do hope that you enjoy.



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